Rosy and Karthic
The Couple

“Two lives, two hearts 

joined together in friendship

united forever in love.”


The Groom – Karthic

Karthic - born & brought up from Chidambaram - handsome, intellectual, dazzling guy with tons of noble character to add on. He is working with Cognizant Technology Solutions and currently he is in USA. He is a strong devotee of Pamban Swamigal & Lord Muruga.

Karthic enjoys: music, movies, hanging out with his friends.

The Bride – Maria Panimaya Rosy

Rosy – born & brought up from Trichy - beautiful, sweet and intelligent girl
always with a smile on her face. She is also working with Cognizant Technology
Solutions and currently in London (UK)

Rosy enjoys: music, chitchatting with her friends and cooking.

How we met

I wonder how everything has been a coincidence. Both of us got selected for Cognizant in Saranathan College of engineering (college where Rosy studied) on Sep 21st2006. Rosy and I were in the same place at the same time when we got placed. Both of us got the same joining date on Dec 10th 2007. The first time I ever saw Rosy,was in Chennai on Dec 11th 2007. We both met at an internet centre when one of our common friend introduced us to each other. The very first moment I saw her, I wished to meet her again and again. As days passed we became good friends and shared our happiness and sorrows.

The Proposal

One night while lying over the bed, I got a very strange feeling that Rosy will be in my life only for a short period. I felt that talking to her, giggling with her, sharing my thoughts with her will be momentary. I closed my eyes and realised that a life without her would be dark and empty. I had a fear that I would miss her in my life. That was the moment I realised “I was in love with Rosy”.

I was waiting for the right moment to present and I finally worked up the courage to propose on Aug 12th,2009. It has been, and will always remain the happiest day of my life. I can't think bout that moment, and the quivering in her voice, without cracking a smile.

Happy beginning of our lives together

God made us to join on Sep 21st2006 and we've decided to make it official on Sep  16th 2013. We're going to tell the world that we love, honour and cherish each other forever with blessings of our parents who came out of their traditional thoughts and wished to see only the happiness of their children. We cordially invite you to share in a celebration of love and bless us on our big day as we exchange our engagement ring on Sep 15th 2013 and our marriage vows on Sep 16th 2013.



September 16, 2013